Scheduling Video Conferences

  1. Go to to your Account and click the “Start a new Video Conference” button. Fill out the “Create New Conference” form to schedule a conference. The Moderator/scheduler of a conference enters the email addresses of all the potential Participants he/she would like to join the conference. Unlimited video conference
  2. The Moderator and Participants will receive an email with the appropriate login information needed to initiate or to join the conference.

Conference Control

Individuals that schedule/initiate a conference are always known as the Moderator. In order to have a conference, a Moderator (the host) needs to create the conference.

Moderator/Participants: Joining Conferences

  1. As the Moderator, enter the appropriate login credentials at the FaceConferencing Login Screen and click the “Join Conference” button to initiate the conference.
  2. As a conference Participant, enter the login information that is provided via email by the moderator or conference scheduling system, and click the “Join Conference” button to enter the scheduled conference. If the Moderator is not yet present in the conference, the remaining Participants will be put on hold until the Moderator enters the conference. Once the Moderator enters the conference, FaceConferencing will automatically connect all the Participants & the Moderator to each other.

Mute Audio / Send or Stop Video

In the “Conference Control” panel, you can activate or deactivate the transmission of your audio or video at any time during a conference.

  1. Simply click your mouse on the green circular check mark tabs below the Microphone or Webcam icons. Your conference username (the email address associated with your FaceConferencing account) is listed next to these circular check mark tabs. A blinking green check mark tab signifies that you are able to transmit audio and or video, but choose not to at this time. Click on the blinking green tab at anytime, in order to resume transmission of the corresponding video and audio.
  2. In the “Conference Control” panel, under the Microphone and Webcam icons, the Moderator can activate/deactivate any of the conference Participants’ audio and video by clicking on the green circular check mark tabs listed next to the corresponding Participant‘s username/email. The Moderator can choose to control the audio and video of all the Participants (except him or herself) simultaneously, by clicking the green check mark tabs in the grey “All Participants” line. Thus, for example, it is easy to quickly implement lecture scenarios where the Moderator holds a presentation uninterrupted by questions from the other Participants.