Believe it or not but your wedding is just as exciting for your mother, as it is for you! She’s probably super excited to participate in your big day, in whatever way she can and you should do your best to ensure that she has lots to do. The following points are traditional mother of the bride duties, which you can assign her with in order for her to feel included in the wedding.


The lead up to the wedding

– When shopping for your wedding dress, your mother can be great support and offer advice/reassurance wherever you need it. It is well known that no trip wedding shopping is complete without the mother of the bride giving help and advice . It really is a joyous occasion and one that should be shared with mother and daughter. If you mum lives far away, you can still find a way to include her in finding a wedding dress. You can communicate regularly, send her photos of dresses that you like and she can give you ideas over the phone/email. When your mother comes to town nearer the wedding date, she can come with you on your final dress fitting if this is possible.

– If you have a large or quite traditional family, the mother of the bride is usually the appointed person who finds out about any wedding traditions that could exist in the family. This could be religious or otherwise, it really doesn’t matter. If there are no traditions that your family have done in regard to weddings, there is always the “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” tradition to think about. The mother of the bride is usually who gives these items to her daughter and it can really cement the relationship that you have with your mum even more, in preparation for your big day.

– When you purchase things for your wedding such as flowers, the dress and even the venue – you obviously need to leave your contact details so that you can be contacted if need be. They will also likely want another contact and this should be the mother of the bride, providing that she is an active member of the wedding party. Having your mother as a contact basically means that she can help you in co-ordinating the big day, whether that be sorting the table plan or helping you choose the perfect bouquet of flowers. You can also take your mother with you to meetings with these vendors, it will let her feel like she has actually participated to the day itself.

– It’s likely that in the days leading up to the wedding, there will be family members arriving into town ready for the wedding day to arrive. During this occasion, the mother of the bride can become host and make these guests feel welcome and prepared for the wedding. Something that would be lovely to do and something that is actually recommended, is the mother of the bride hosting a dinner party in the days leading up to the wedding. This can give her a chance to chat with guests, make them feel at ease and go over any details of the wedding itself that they need to be prepared for. Meeting up with family before the wedding can generally make the day go smoother and it’s all upto the mother of the bride to ensure that this goes without a hitch.

– There is a certain dress etiquette between the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom that should be followed, to avoid any fashion mishaps or embarrassing “same outfit” wedding photographs. The usual protocol for this, is that the mother of the bride purchases her dress before the mother of the groom. She then calls the mother of the groom to explain the colour/design of the dress, so that they can avoid dressing the same or even co-ordinate somehow. This can sometimes be awkward, especially if the ladies do not know each other well or don’t get on. If the mother of the bride does not want to do this particular job, it can be left to the bride to go back and fore between the pair.

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