Project Blackout – Online Gaming

   Project Blackout has a lot of similarities with games like Combat Arms, and Crossfire.
Game modes:
Deathmatch- Even though its called death match, it’s actually just team death match. That was a bit of a let down for me due to the fact that I love playing free for all.
Demolition: The good old Plant the bomb at targeted locations. Can’t be a fps without one haha.
 Sabotage: Ncsoft tried to put in some cod like feel to the game. It’s when each team must destory the opposing team’s objective while protecting their own objectives.

Maps: Although Blackshot doesn’t offer a lot of  maps. They make up for it with the amount of detail they put in each map. A lot of their maps has interactive components to it. From shooting down glass to reach a new part of the map, to jumping in moving containers. Their maps are very roomy with many different routes you can take. I thought they excelled in this part of the game. By putting in things in the game that crossfire and combat arms didn’t feature in their maps at least gave it a different feeling.
Guns: Ncsoft decided to go with the old fashion system. Guns that comes with expiration date. They give you a option to buy a gun for a specific amount of days and you can choose to repurchase once the date is over. I personally hate that feature. But on the bright side you can basically try all the guns you want ( if you meet the lvl requirement that is). They offer almost all the guns you can think of from the trusty M4A1 to the Uzi and probably guns you never herd of. My personal favorite is the F2000 something about the look of the gun haha I just love it.
    Missions: Project Blackout was one of the first in free to [play games to offer missions. These missions help you lvl and also gives you cool gear and weapons for you to use. Now a days a lot of free to play games added missions.
   Graphics: Well nothing to flashy about the graphics. Much like combat arms and Crossfire graphics. So you seen those graphics.. You pretty much seen Blackout’s style of graphics. So there’s really not much to say sorry people 🙁 .
Overal Gameplay: Well to be completely honest. Project Blackout didn’t offer me to much of a challenge. I’m not saying that I’m the best at all. But after playing a couple games you get this feeling like your playing bots with a few exceptions of a few. But I can’t deny the fact that they know how to keep you playing. I recommend this game to pretty much anyone who enjoys running and gunning fps with a hint of tactics. Check my review here.