Now you would think that every technology in website hosting consultant should know exactly what type of software they would need, right? Well there is a distinct difference between being a technology expert and consulting, that’s where this article comes in.

1. Word Processing – this is a lead generating machine. If a new tech expert is to succeed online they are going to have to create leads. And there is no better way than with article marketing. Besides it allows the tech to showcase their expertise and create E-books to sell immediately.

2. Audio Recording – this is needed to create pod-casts to post in online audio directories and to create audio products to sell.

3. Video Recording – this will be needed to create videos to teach their specific skills to others and to create products to sell. They can also hook their digital camera to the computer and offer video coaching.

4. Presentation – this is needed to give, tutorials to teach skills and knowledge in modules. These presentations can be created over time and than combined into a product package for sell.

5. Audio & Video Converter – the software that captures the audio and video does convert some files into other types. But as you will find out they don’t always convert files into the types of files you may need.

6. Graphics Design – this is not always a necessity however if you don’t do your own graphics that your going to have to hire someone to do them. At a minimum you may want to do some picture editing for avatars and profile pictures for online accounts.