animation studioAn animation studio is an entity producing animated multimedia. The biggest such studios conceive of numerous products to create, own the necessary physical facilities for production, hire personnel for this production, and bear a financial stake in either the rentals or sales of these multimedia products. The entire process is controlled from a centralized location. In Singapore, where production of animation is very popular, animation studio in Singapore has gained much popularity due to this fact.

Setting Up an Animation Studio

There are two types of animation studios, domestic or offshore. Domestic studios usually outsource their work to a domestic country where the language and culture are easily accepted and the production is cheaper. They also tend to have fewer employees since they are usually hired on a contract basis and once the work is completed, they return to their home countries. Some of these studios might be located offshore to serve the international market, but most of them prefer to keep their location close to home. Production cost is reduced due to lower exchange rates for labor and lower overhead costs. It is also facilitated by higher returns for investors, as more animation titles are able to reach international markets with less effort.

Many foreign animation studio tend to locate near an international airport since it is easier to get workers quickly. This is good for both local workers and artists. As well, since Singaporean artists are already familiar with the culture and other essential aspects of the industry, they will be easier to employ than local artists from other countries. If a studio wants to expand their services to international markets, hiring local artists will not be a problem.