Tarkington Tower Indianapolis Condos is a highly luxurious and well designed apartment community built at the top of Tarkington Place. Located on the northeast corner of the Tarkington Place Shopping Center, Tarkington Tower Indianapolis is a great choice for people who want to enjoy the great shopping and the wonderful shopping district of downtown Indianapolis, without having to leave their comfortable homes.

The Tarkington Tower Indianapolis is a luxury apartment community that is fully equipped with a fitness center and an onsite restaurant. The fitness center offers many different fitness classes and you can choose one that suits you. Other options include yoga, Pilates, and tai chi. The fitness center is located on the second floor of the building, which is connected to the shopping center by a huge walk-way.

The building is designed with an open floor plan and a large open atrium, which allow easy ingress and egress. This large atrium is designed so that you can get fresh air circulation while relaxing in your apartment.